• Career Direction
  • Career Change
  • Career Strategy


  • Coaching for Transformation
  • Renewal Coaching for Burnout
  • ADD / ADHD Coaching


  • Career Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Career Coaches Training

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Who we work with


  • Career Changers
  • Career Seekers
  • Young Professionals
  • High School and College Students
  • Business Professionals
  • Emerging and Experienced Leaders


  • For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Teams and Groups
  • Employment Ministry Groups
  • National and Local Associations

Why Find Your Fit?

We provide:

  • Facts and Faith, Not Fear 
  • Work or Life Transition Support
  • Career Stage Advice
  • Structure and Process for Taking Action
  • Transferability Mapping of KSA’s
  • Confidence Building for Change
  • Labor Market Junkies
  • GSD — Accountability Partnership
  • Accessible and Affordable 
  • Local, National, Global Inclusion
  • Certified and Educated Expertise

Upcoming Events

  • Webinars will return in the fall — enjoy the summer break!
  • Workshops will return when in-person gatherings are safe.


James M.

Cindy is an amazing coach. She helped me find my fit! Even more she pushed me to overcome my fears and tackle my assumptions that were keeping me stuck in the job search. Cindy used her great reputation and connections in the Twin Cities to help build my own network. I am deeply grateful to her and recommend her to all my friends who are job hunting.


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